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Epitomizes aSecond Life

The convergence of reality and innovation, where
aspirations are converted into digital realms.


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About META-V

LLC Company
META-V leads the metaverse revolution, offering a groundbreaking virtual world where users interact with computer-generated environments and each other in real time. Integrating blockchain, VR, and AI, META-V creates a fully immersive digital universe. Users can explore virtual environments, attend events, conduct business, and socialize in a space that blurs the lines between physical and digital. More than entertainment, META-V redefines how we live, work, and interact. Blockchain ensures secure, transparent transactions, while AI governs the platform, establishing rules, resolving disputes, and fostering a trusted, efficient community.

Technological Foundations

Virtual Reality (VR)
META-V embodies the essence of a second life, a realm where dreams once confined to the realm of aspiration in the real world
In META-V, blockchain is essential for asset ownership, transactions, and governance. Smart contracts secure and automate blockchain transactions. NFTs represent unique digital assets like virtual land, items, and artworks. Blockchain&aposs transparency and immutability foster trust in META-V&aposs economy. The META-V token (MV) facilitates transactions for virtual goods, services, assets, and digital economic activities.
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
AI is vital for overseeing and managing the META-V metaverse ecosystem. It enforces governance, regulations, and ensures order, security, and fairness. AI provides personalized user experiences and helps users find desired activities. It consistently improves the ecosystem and ensures META-V is dynamic and user-centric.



  1. Market Research & Feasibility Study
  2. Business Model Development
  3. Document Preparation & Project Economy
  4. Smart Contract Development - Token, Presale Staking
  1. Token Presale & Community Formation
  2. Dev & Release of Project Demo
  3. Selection of 10 Professions & Presale of First 10 NFTs
Initial Launch
  1. First Version Desktop App for 10 Users
  2. Partnerships & Project Development
  3. Token Listing on DEX & CEX
  1. Expansion of Professions and App Capacity
  2. Release of Mobile App
  3. Document Preparation & Project Economy
Integrating Advanced Tech
  1. AI Integration Metaverse Governance
  2. VR Integration Immersive Metaverse Experience


What is META-V?

In META-V, users explore a diverse digital world without limitations. They engage in various virtual activities, from social gatherings to work, education, and entertainment. The platform mirrors real-life tasks, offering a seamless virtual experience without boundaries.

The META-V economy relies on its cryptocurrency and a marketplace for NFTs. In this metaverse, individuals can buy, sell, or trade NFTs representing digital assets and properties, ensuring ownership and potential value growth. META-V's (MV) token facilitates secure transactions, creating a smooth and safe economic system in the metaverse.

META-V accessible to anyone interested in virtual worlds, digital economies, or online communities. Users can create an avatar to explore the metaverse, engage in activities, and build their presence in the digital universe.

In META-V, you can do a variety of activities. Explore immersive virtual environments and interact with other users in real-time. Attend virtual events and gatherings, create and customize your own avatar, and participate in virtual businesses and commerce. Engage in educational activities and workshops, experience entertainment and gaming content, and collaborate with others on creative projects. Socialize with friends and meet new people, and immerse yourself in a dynamic and ever-expanding digital universe.


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